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What is SE4SK ?

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Special Events 4 Special Kids (SE4SK) hosts friendly events for children with special needs and or disabilities that are completely Free of charge. You must however, pre-register for all events. In most cases, we are typically limited to the amount children per event, so please register early. All of our get together's are located in southern New Jersey. Typically, the majority of events are held in Camden or Gloucester counties. All events are funded solely from donations and the kindness of others. We have both youth and adult volunteers assisting to ensure that your child has an enjoyable experience. This is a judgement free zone, where your children can be themselves while interacting with other kids and making some new friends.


How did SE4SK begin?

At least once a week people contact us and ask, "who is SE4SK and what do you do?


🤔🤔🤔Short Version🤔🤔


We are a nonprofit 501c3 that organizes and hosts FREE events for children with special needs and or disabilities in Southern NJ. We host several events a year, thanks to our generous sponsors and volunteers!! We are always accepting new families to join,  email Jami @ for more information.


🙄🙄Long Version🙄🙄


First my name is Jami, I am the mother of two typical children and one day in 2016 my daughter Alyssia and I  decided to host an event for children with special needs, it was going to be a dance. We had the opportunity to host  our dance at the Elks Lodge, we donated 200.00 and my daughter and I went to social media asking for donations. Friends and family were very generous. The elks lodge made a monetary donation as well. A printer donated ALL the shirts, we had about 20 kids they danced, played games, received goodie bags, won toys and had a blast.


The next year we had received a few requests to host another event, so I  reached out to Brookfield Schools and they donated the space. We again went to social media with a donation list and my daughter and I enlisted some volunteers and we hosted the 2nd winter festival. In 2017 we also hosted a fall funday. Now we had to really make a decision we had a nice group of kids involved,  the families were awesome and were requesting more. Could we make this commitment?


Then SE4SK WAS FORMED. We were just a small group, a mother and daughter team trying to host these events with some dedicated volunteers and some generous donators.


Each year we get bigger and host more and more events. In 2018 we hosted 10 events in 2019 we became a 501c3, established a board and got to work hosting more events.


We would like to thank everyone who helps us. Over the last 9 years the se4sk board, my daughter, myself and our dedicated volunteers were able to host over 70 events, all because of one small act of kindness.


Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, donated, and supported se4sk as we head into our 10th year we are excited, excited to see the smiles on the kids and parents faces, excited to meet new friends and we are excited to help make people aware that one small act of kindness can really make a difference.


So when someone asks you  "Who is SE4SK?"

You can read this and say we are just a group of  people, encouraging others to help by volunteering and or  donating their time

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